We will happily arrange your airport transfers or, like many other holidaymakers, you may choose to pre-book a hire car (surf the net for a good deal) for collection on arrival at Larnaca airport. UK visitors will certainly feel at home on the roads as they drive on the left. Drivers from other parts of europe will adjust in no time at all as traffic is generally light. The 55km drive from Larnaca airport to Pernera Bay should take around 45 minutes, from Pathos airport add 1 additional hour. Full details on how to get to the villa by road will be included with the comprehensive villa guide, this will be sent out once payment of the balance has been received. Taxi transfers to/from Larnaca Airport should cost around 50 to 60 euro's depending on the time of day you arrive or depart, be sure to ask the driver before you get in the vehicle.


Click on'LINKS'on this or any page. We recommend you search the web for the best prices as there are a number of airlines to choose from. TravelSupermarket or TraverRepublic will give you a range of prices from various airlines. For other individual airlines try: Monarch Airlines, BA from London, Firstchoice, Olympicholidays, Libra Holidays or Priceright.


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